Day 71

  • I have enjoyed the sounds of CCR since first hearing them via Dad's eight-track tapes. By the mid-Eighties, their music had been repeatedly licensed to use in movies so their ever-opportunistic label (Fantasy) came up with this cash-in compilation. On the rear cover next to each song, they listed the movie(s) that included them. Like I wrote in the journal, my copy of the album was entitled The Movie Album. When this album was issued on CD in 2000, they added five tracks and changed the title to At The Movies.
  • Though the argument can be made that all of CCR's songs sound the same, my problem with their music is only one of their original studio albums stands up to listening from beginning to end, from track one to track 11, and that album is Cosmo's Factory. Pretty sure this was purchased as a replacement copy as my original copy was scratched to begin with.
  • I'd seen the video of the single "Cry" on MTV or Friday Night Videos in late July or early August and had been looking for it ever since then. Finally found the album on this day. Have listened to it maybe three times all the way through and from what I remember, it is odd but not in an unlikable way. Need to cue it up again. Don't think either of my CD versions are the same as the original vinyl.
The Movie Album - Creedence Clearwater Revival (1985)
Cosmo's Factory - Creedence Clearwater Revival (1970)
The History Mix, Vol. 1 - Godley & Creme (1985)

Fortunately for me, my copy of History Mix Volume 1 is still on The Vinyl Wall along side my twelve inch single for "Cry".

Day 72
will be
August 23rd

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