Day 97 of 97 - The End?

I initially remember Christmas 1985 as a bad one.  My folks had moved away so it was my first one without them around.  My significant other situation was in flux cause I was a jerk. Woke up that morning not knowing what was in store, had no plans whatsoever.  No gifts that hadn't already been given, no invitations from anyone to come spend the day with them.  So I climbed into the Hercmobile, stopped at Circle K and grabbed a Thirstbuster and proceeded to cruise the streets of town.  It was a cool yet very sunny day.  As I was cruising down Speedway, I noticed cars in front of Wherehouse so I pulled in.  Spent a couple of hours flipping through every album in the store.  After some nondescript Holiday music, The Beatles "Can't Buy Me Love" came over the store's PA.  It was followed by "I Should Have Known Better" and the multi-layered "Paperback Writer".  I made a pass by the checkout to see what was playing and was greeted by the image above, an image that was new to me and instantly intrigued me.  I returned to the Beatles section and promptly found and bought a copy of the Hey Jude album, an album I had never known existed until that day.  Now that I had something to do, I returned home and put the album on.  As I began playing side two, I got a phone call.  Answered it and it was my on again off again girlfriend inviting me over for dinner with her family.  My first thought was "No" but my second thought was informed by my Dr. Pepper soaked empty stomach so I said "Yes".  It turned out to be a not so lonely Christmas after all and soon after, we were on again as a couple and I dedicated myself to keeping her in my life.  The following Christmas we were hot and heavy and then in January we found out we were expecting.  Got married in March, had first baby in September.  Two sons followed over the next six years.  Twenty-seven years later, my folks have driven in from Missouri to celebrate with us and that first baby is flying in from Vegas with to spend a few days with us as well.  The whole family will be together for only the third or fourth time in four decades.  And once again, I will be dining with my in-laws.  I am loving it.  Thanks for tuning in, now go and enjoy your family and friends and if you are without this year, there's always next year. The important thing is not to give up.  Life is so worth living.

Hey Jude - The Beatles (1970)

That copy of Hey Jude is on the Vinyl Wall.


  1. Herc, what a great Christmas story! Merry Christmas to you and yours, and thank you for being such a good friend to me over the past few years. I truly appreciate it.

  2. What Martin said.

    Proof positive that all good things must come to an end. Thanks for the fun ride!

  3. Hey, Herc! – Just wanted to tell you how thoroughly I enjoyed your "Odyssey" this past year... Sure makes me wish you'd kept that notebook going into '86, though. Either way, job well done, amigo!


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