Day 31

Made RCA order for six albums - will feature cover art and write more about them once they arrive.

The Essential Jimi Hendrix (2LP) - Jim Hendrix (1978)
The Song Remains The Same (2LP) - Led Zeppelin (1976)
Pretenders II - Pretenders (1981)
Greatest Hits - Cat Stevens (1975)
Big Bam Boom - Hall & Oates (1984)
1984 (For The Love Of Big Brother) - Eurythmics (1984)

Received another Columbia House order with nothing but FREE albums.
  • Played the grooves off one side of my original copy of Hi Infidelity since 1981 with Side 1 getting about four times as many plays as Side 2.  This copy was a replacement for the original.
  • Not a lot of people know that Outside Inside was produced by David Foster and features many prominent Westcoast musicians including Bill Champlin, Jay Graydon, James Newton Howard and members of Toto.  I bought it because it has "She's A Beauty" on it.  Love that song.
  • Raydio never got a proper compilation so picking up Ray Parker Jr.'s Greatest Hits seemed like a good idea at the time.  Raydio still has never had an anthology drawn from their four albums.  
Hi Infidelity - REO Speedwagon (1980)
Outside Inside - The Tubes (1983)
Greatest Hits - Ray Parker Jr. (1982)

Picked up two $4.99 albums at Zip's in Park Mall.  Rod Stewart's Greatest Hits features many single versions instead of the longer album versions I already had.  Heard "Cause I'm A Blonde" late one night on the radio and it quickly became a mixtape surprise once I picked up the 5 song EP or Specially Priced Mini LP like it says on the cover.

Greatest Hits - Rod Stewart (1979)
Goddess In Progress (EP) - Julie Brown (1984)

REO and Julie Brown are still on the Vinyl Wall - the others are not.

records bought: 128
    money spent: $669.78

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  1. Foster also produced The Tubes' previous album, The Completion Backward Principal which may be even more Westcoast sounding than Outside Inside.

    My favorite deep cut from Outside Inside is "Wild Women of Wongo"


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