Day 33

It was a Monday ("a day like any other day"), new music day at the record stores.  First stop was the Record Bar where I bought a two album set from Tommy Boy that filled in a few holes in my collection of twelve inch singles.  Or so I thought.  Turns out the album contained regular single versions rather then the extended remixes I assumed I would be getting.  (The artwork above is from the 1987 CD release.)

Tommy Boy Greatest Beats (2LP) - various artists (1985)

Next stop was Loco where I stocked up on half a dozen twelve inch singles:

  • Bought "Lovin' " just because it said Jonzun Crew on it.  Was extremely disappointed it turned out to be a ballad but I should have guessed it from the title.
  • The Grant single was a deliberate ballad purchase and I think it was a 99 cent clearance disc which certainly sweetened the pot.
  • Definitely not a ballad, the comedy rap single "Rappin' Duke" had periodically lodged itself inside my head since I heard it one Saturday night on the radio.  I was chuffed to find the single in the bins that day.  Unfortunately, it was a gateway song and soon other rap parodies found their way into my collection.  Still kinda like this one, though.  "Da-hah, da-hah, da-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah"
  • Like I said before, "Some Like It Hot" was my favorite song for a time in 1985, mainly because of Tony Thompson's thundering drum intro.  Finding the twelve inch single was unexpected and appreciated.  Seeing the song performed live in July 1985 was the best.
  • Klymaxx's "The Men All Pause" is a sassy slice urban dance floor goodness and was cloned for the group's second Top 40 R&B/Dance single as "Meeting In The Ladies Room".  Though HERC was unaware of it at the time of purchase, it turned out that the twelve inch version of "The Men All Pause" was exactly the same as the album version, which in a rare move was itself a remix version.
  • As was becoming a habit, I was swayed to buy "Here To Go" after hearing it's wonderfully loopy stereo effects played on Loco's in-store system.  (The scanned image above is from HERC's own copy of the record as he couldn't find a suitable one online.)

"Lovin' " (12") - Jonzun Crew (1984)
"I Don't Wanna Dance" (12") - Eddy Grant (1982)
"Rappin' Duke" (12") - Rappin' Duke (1985)
"Some Like It Hot And The Heat Is On" (12") - Power Station (1985)
"The Men All Pause" (12") - Klymaxx (1985)
"Here To Go" (12") - Devo (1985)

The Greatest Beats, Rappin' Duke, Power Station, Klymaxx and Devo records all still reside on the Vinyl Wall.

records bought: 139
    money spent: $723.17


  1. I stopped reading this post after Rappin' Duke because I knew nothing that followed could possibly measure up to that.


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