Day 59

So I promised a slow down in my vinyl accumulation and then I receive a ten album shipment from RCA.  There will be a few spurts like this but mostly from here on out its strictly one or two records at a time.  Probably.  Like most of my mail order music club purchases, this one contained albums to fill holes in my collection.  Or replacements for albums that were "borrowed with no hope of return" or simply given away like Long Distance Voyager.

Signals - Rush (1982)
Grace Under Pressure - Rush (1984)
The Drifters' Golden Hits - The Drifters (1968)
Nuclear Furniture - Jefferson Starship (1984)
Against All Odds (soundtrack) (1984)
Tropico - Pat Benatar (1984)
Get Nervous - Pat Benatar (1982)
El Loco - ZZ Top (1981)
Greatest Hits - Ronnie Milsap (1980)
Long Distance Voyager - The Moody Blues (1981)

Regrettably, none of these reside on the Vinyl Wall.

Day 60
July 9th

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