Day 61

Another Columbia House order, further back-filling the collection.  
  • My girlfriend at the time time had purchased Frontiers so I never bothered to until now, a couple of years after we had broken up.
  • Had seen Dio live in late 1984, loved them but could never force myself to grab the demon covered albums, walk them up to the counter and buy them for fear of losing my mortal soul. (Again.) Easy peasy half as greasy with mail order.
  • Osborne's album was and is awesome. Have loved the man's voice since his days in L.T.D. Love the title track.
  • As a huge fan of George Clinton's 1982 album Computer Games and all of his previous work with Parliament and Funkadelic, you'd think buying his albums would be a no-brainer. I heard the opening track one night in the record store and took a pass on the album. Finally got around to snagging it with his order. Still don't like it.
  • I believe his first album completed my Weird Al collection up to that point.
  • For the majority of American record buyers, Sound-System was Herbie Hancock's second album. I knew he had other albums but had no idea this was his 36th album until researching this post. Like Clinton's follow-up above, it was a pale comparison to the preceding album Future Shock in my ears, at least. Herbie took home another Grammy with it so it couldn't have been all bad.
Frontiers - Journey (1983)
Holy Diver - Dio (1983)
Stay With Me Tonight - Jeffrey Osborne (1983)
You Shouldn't-Nuf Bit Fish - George Clinton (1983)
"Weird Al" Yankovic - "Werid Al" Yankovic (1983)
Sound System - Herbie Hancock (1984)
Last In Line - Dio (1984)

I'm thinking I listed my purchases in the order they happened and probably didn't know I had a big box of records waiting for me when I got home rather than getting a big box of records and thinking gee I could use more records and hitting the record stores. Who knows.
  • Beck's Flash was on my radar for two songs: a remake of Curtis Mayfield's "People Get Ready" and a scorching guitar vs drum machine battle known as "It Gets Us All In The End" sung by Jimmy Hall.
  • "Telephone Operator" was the sole attraction on the XL-1 album as Loco was sold out of the 12" single. It was one of those songs I had to have then and there so I bought the album based on one song. I had liked his earlier tune "Homosapien" so there was precedent.
  • I had read that Jermaine had sung background vocals on one of my favorite Culture Club songs ("Miss Me Blind") and it was by chance that the guys at Loco were playing his single "The Word Is Out" and it had that Art Of Noise "Beat Box" drum sound and a unique vocal sound.
Flash - Jeff Beck (1985)
XL-1 - Pete Shelley (1983)
"The Word Is Out" (12") - Jermaine Stewart (1984)

Willing to bet that these two were sold out at Loco which is why I picked them up at the closest record store to Loco at that time: Zip's on University Square.
  • Remember the movie Bachelor Party starring future Oscar winner Tom Hanks?  I think it was Torch Song's "Prepare To Energize" that was playing during the Max The Magical Mule scene.
  • Thorogood and I went back three albums and I had eagerly awaited his next album after he and the Delaware Destroyers barnstormed America for a 50 concerts in 50 states in 50 days. Bought it without hearing any songs first and wasn't disappointed.
Wish Thing - Torch Song (1984)
Maverick - Geroge Thorogood (1985)

My girlfriend for most of the rest of 1985 and most of 1986 bought me these two records, saying she hoped I didn't already have them. As luck would have it, I did not. (Is it any wonder I married this lady?) She was concerned about Prince showing too much rear end on the back cover but I assured her it wasn't an issue.
  • Big Prince fans like me are always looking for import collectibles.  She nailed it with this UK 12" with the cool catalog number W1999T.
  • The Tears Of Fears record wasn't bad either with two remixes but "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" was my favorite.
"1999" b/w "Little Red Corvette" (UK 12") - Prince (1983)
"Shout" (12") - Tears For Fears (1985)

What's today's count? 14. Wow, well let's take a look at the newly relocated (moved it over 16 inches to the right) Vinyl Wall and see who has survived. Journey, both Dio albums, the Jermaine single, Thorogood, Prince and Tears For Fears all remain on The Vinyl Wall.

Day 62
July 13th

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