Day 39

The Zip's on Speedway was the last of the chain to close.  That was a sad, sad day.

  • I was hooked on the electro-funk sounds of Jonzun Crew from the first time I heard the "Howdeee!" that opened their song "Space Cowboy".  This album was actually hard to find as I had been looking for it for months.
  • The rebuilding of my Rick Springfield collection, which I've been detailing in the first 38 posts, was completed with the pick-up of his breakthrough Working Class Dog album, still one of my favorites.
  • There are a few songs that I periodically binge on from time to time and one of them happens to be "I'd Really Love To See You Tonight".  I wore out the grooves on the 45 and had to make do with the track on a pair of K-tel albums (Pure Power and Pure Gold Collection, both from 1977) until I came across the boys' Best Of album which is actually a surprisingly solid listen.
Lost In Space - Jonzun Crew (1983)
Working Class Dog - Rick Springfield (1981)
Best Of - England Dan & John Ford Coley (1979)

Springsteen's Nebraska album won just about every award and topped nearly every crtic's list when it was released in 1982.  I heard one song ("Atlantic City") and took a pass, secretly wondering what I wasn't hearing that everyone else was loving.  Then I cashed in one of my free vouchers from Columbia House on it and still didn't like it.  The completest in me bought the used CD for $3 in the early Nineties and I have never played it.

Nebraska - Bruce Springsteen (1982)

Can you guess which one of the above albums still holds a place of honor on the Vinyl Wall?  It isn't the Springsteen one.  Nor the Jonzun Crew.  I guessed Rick Springfield but I was wrong - the only album from today's purchases I still have on vinyl is Best Of England Dan & John Ford Coley.

records bought: 164
    money spent: $854.37


  1. Best Of England Dan & John Ford Coley earns the coveted Soft Rock Kid seal of approval.

  2. England D & JFC's cover of Rundgren's "Love Is The Answer" is in my '(Soft) Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame'...


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