Day 42

Kicking off May with the first of ten shopping days!

After rocking a TDK SA 90 cassette with these albums on it for nearly a year (one per side, dubbed off a friend's albums) I finally broke down and bought my own copies @ $7.99 each.   Do not sleep on these.  Jalil, Ecstasy and Grandmaster Dee serve up show-stoppers with a little help from the likes of Thomas Dolby.

Whodini - Whodini (1983)
Escape - Whodini (1984)

Regrettably, neither one of these albums are on the vinyl wall.  So glad they were both reissued, with copious bonus tracks from the twelve-inch singles, in 2010 and 2011 respectively.  The CD reissues bring much more than five minutes of funk.

records bought: 174
    money spent: $913.99

How much is $913.99 in 2014 dollars and cents? $2007.15!!!

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