Day 43

Today's purchases are prime examples of my eclectic musical tastes: jazz, P-funk, big band, synthpop, hip-hop and prog rock.  Throw them all in the pot, turn the heat up and enjoy!

  • I'd been a fan of Eurythmics since I first heard "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)" as a UK import on the New Music Test Department months before it was released Stateside. Even caught them on their Touch tour with the lovely and shimmering "Here Comes The Rain Again".  Dave & Annie's first single of 1985, the sassy, brassy "Would I Lie To You?" appealed to me with its staccato guitar licks and horn stabs.  Bought the album based on that single, which had been getting radio play for a couple of weeks.
  • Some artists earned a pass - I bought their new albums as they were released with or (more often) without hearing or reading anything about them.  The Yellowjackets had earned a pass with their self-titled debut.
  • My vulnerability to P-funk bombs dated back to 1978, when the twin payloads of Funkadelic's "One Nation Under A Groove" and Parliament's "Flash Light" both blew up the charts.  While I had the latter on tape courtesy of a buddy's vinyl, it wasn't until this day that I bought the album that spawned the song.

Be Yourself Tonight - Eurythmics (1985)
Samurai Samba - Yellowjackets (1985)
Funkentelechy Vs. The Placebo Syndrome - Parliament (1977)

  • Not sure if this big bands album filled in any gaps in my collection or if it was just rediculously inexspensive (less than $3).  Nevertheless, it is a solid one disc collection of many standards.
  • Although I wrote "Yellow 1st"in the book, my research (based on numbering of index cards) has concluded that the record I bought that day was Yello's Stella.  It featured "Oh Yeah" that I heard on the Saturday night mix show on the community radio station.  It was the band's fourth album but I didn't know it at the time.  A little over a year later, the song would be used to great effect in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
  • The second album by Jonzun Crew, like the first, proved difficult to acquire and I should have paid attentiton to the lame single from it I had purchased earlier as the album only had one, maybe two, songs I enjoyed.
The Best Of the Big Bands (MCA) - various artists (1984)
Stella - Yello (1985)
Down To Earth - Jonzun Crew (1984)

  • On Friday night, May 3rd, 1985, "Evan", my most favorite episode of Miami Vice aired.  The first song heard in the episode is the tribal drum orgy that is Peter Gabriel's "Rhythm Of The Heat".  The song that closes the episode is Gabriel's moody and politically charged "Biko".  As I had every Gabriel studio album up to that point, I took a chance with Plays Live, which coincidentally opens with "Rhythm Of The Heat" and closes with "Biko".
  • I was late to the "Roxanne, Roxanne" party.  I admit it.  Bought the single and then the album a little later.

Plays Live (2LP) - Peter Gabriel (1983)
"Roxanne, Roxanne" (12") - UTFO (1984)

Sadly, not one of these records live on the Vinyl Wall today.   Jonzun Crew and that Big Bands album don't even rate a place in CD collection.

records bought: 182
    money spent: $970.02

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