Day 56

Just another manic Monday...
  • The Heads were on a two album (Speaking In Tongues and Stop Making Sense) winning streak so picking up Little Creatures was a no-brainer.  Don't think any of the singles ("Road To Nowhere", "Stay Up Late" and "And She Was") were getting airplay yet but I still love listening to them.  It's actually another winning album.   And I spent hours studying the cover art.
  • As a Prince fan, I knew who Alexander O'Neal was but I had never heard him before buying the "Innocent" single.  As an extra bonus it was one of the earlier Flyte Tyme Productions of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.  The A-side Special 12" Extended Dance Remix was more than ten and a half minutes long but once the album was released, the track turned out to be the same as the album version which listed the track as Medley: "Innocent"/"Alex 9000"/"Innocent II".  It's a killer groove with a smokin' guitar solo and I just spent half an hour listening to it three times in a row.
  • Really wanna say that 'til tuesday had opened for or was about to open a concert we had attended or were about to attend.  Their song "Voices Carry" was an insidious earworm but I couldn't name another song on the album if I tried.  Been a fan of Aimee Mann's music ever since.
Little Creatures - Talking Heads (1985)
"Innoncent" (12") - Alexander O'Neal (1985)
Voices Carry - 'til tuesday (1985)

Of these three records, "Innocent" is the only one still on The Vinyl Wall.

Day 57
(the final Vinyl Odyssey of June)
will be posted
June 27

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  1. I had the Talking Heads on vinyl and 'til tuesday on cassette. That was the last good Talking Heads album and, like you, I can't remember anything about the Voices Carry album other than the title track but wow! what a title track.


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