Day 63

I had picked up the 12" of this single back on Day 5 - I bought the 45 thinking I'd get the customary single edits of both songs. A-side 3:38, check.  B-side 5:03, hey, that's the same length as on the 12". Nice cover, too. And as an extra bonus, I now know that I was paying $1.69 for 45 singles at Hollywood Records and Tapes in 1985.

Check the math on this haul from Columbia House: three double-albums and three single albums for just $18.00!
  • Beefed up my growing oldies library with the three soundtrack albums.
  • Replaced my used copy of Layla that smelled like pot when I bought it with a new copy
  • Replaced the REO cassette my Texas Grandma had bought for me in Summer of 1981 with the vinyl version
  • Added Emergency to the collection based on the singles "Fresh" and "Misled". Plus it had "Cherish" on it in case any girls requested it as I was not a fan.
The Big Chill (soundtrack) (1983)
More Songs from The Big Chill (soundtrack) (1984)
Diner (soundtrack) (1982)
Layla & Other Assorted Love Songs - Derek & the Dominos (1970)
A Decade Of Rock N Roll: 1970-1980 - REO Speedwagon (1980)
Emergency - Kool & the Gang (1984)

Only the Sheila E. single and The Big Chill album remain on the Vinyl Wall.

Day 64
July 17th

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  1. The Glamorous Life is still a fav album of mine (had it on vinyl). I also had the first Big Chill soundtrack on vinyl. As you said, good way to beef up your oldies section.


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